Choosing the Right Event Venue; Things to Consider Before You Do

Choosing the venue you want to use is always the most important part of event planning. You can spend days looking for a suitable event center and still not select the right one. Knowing fully well that the venue will have a very large impact on your event, we consider venue as a top priority. From your attendees, catering variety and options, event date, to ultimately the experience you will have at the event are all affected by the venue.

No, you don’t just select a place after thinking for 30 seconds and expect to have the best experience ever. It’s not hard, consider the following guidelines and make the right choice.

When do you start looking for a venue?

You can’t. Definitely not next week. Although the disparity is seen in the time to start the search size of the event, it is always the earlier the better. For large events, you might need to book at least 6 months to the event date to create time for proper planning and ensure that every other thing is perfected.

Before you start the search for an event, however, some things need to be estimated.

The approximate size of the event, the required space and the budget available. With this information in place, the search can start.

Consider the following as you begin your search

  • Location

Most likely the first thing that comes to your mind is the distance from the homes of people you want to be at the event especially if it’s a local one. You probably want a location with a sensible distance from the majority of the people that will be in attendance. While doing this, consider parking options and transportation and don’t forget traffic.

  • Parking

Look out for venues with accessible and large enough parking lot depending on event size. If not, consider looking for parking lots nearby and add the cost to the ticket price or attendees should be made to pay as they park.

  • Capacity and minimums

Room capacity for estimated guests should be catered for. Ensure that minimums are covered in terms of food and space.

  • Service and luxury

Does the venue provide you with extras or you get them yourself? Does it have a catering service or kitchen that can serve you? Are there chairs and tables available? Does it have a standby, set up crew? All these should be put into consideration. You may like to check such even venues like Le Crystal if you stay around Montreal.

  • Costs and date flexibility

Negotiations concerning dates and event fixtures must be made such that it is comfortable for you and your attendees.

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